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About Us

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US 67
Exit onto Route 'A' at Cherokee Pass, 5 miles south of Fredericktown, MO.
Take Route 'A' 10 miles to Marquand.

Interstate 55
Exit west onto Route 51 at the Perryville, MO exit.
Take Route 51 to Route 'A' (beyond Patton Junction & Route 72)
Take Route 'A' 9 miles to Marquand.

Alternate I55 exits
I55 Southbound - exit onto US 67 at Festus, MO.
Take US 67 to Cherokee Pass then route A to Marquand
I55 Northbound - exit onto Route 72 at Jackson, MO
Take Route 72 to Patton Junction, then Route 51 (toward Patton) and Route 'A' to Marquand

In Marquand
Durso Hills Winery is located at 101 S. Harding St.